Should we keep CPF?

If I can choose to withdraw my own CPF as cash now, I'll do it. Over the next 30 years, I have confidence that I am able to generate higher return than the current CPF interest rates of 2.5 - 5% per year. If you have 100k in your CPF at the age of 30s, … Continue reading Should we keep CPF?

Singapore NDP Rally 2018 – Ageing HDB flats

The most important topic in this NDP rally is how the government will handle the ageing flats issue. Since more than 80% of the population stay in HDB flats, most people are and should be concerned about this. Many people are worried that the value of their HDB flats could be zero when the leases … Continue reading Singapore NDP Rally 2018 – Ageing HDB flats

Welling Holding Ltd

Welling Holding is among the largest companies that manufacture motors for air-conditioner, washing machines, and other home appliances. Its factories are located in China and its products are distributed to many different countries and region.┬áMidea, the world's largest producer of major home applicances, owns nearly 69% of Welling. Hence, Welling's stocks are not very liquid. … Continue reading Welling Holding Ltd