Sunny Optical Technology

Sunny Optical Technology manufactures handset camera modules, glass/plastic lenses for mobile phones and digital cameras and other optical instruments. It's the largest handset camera module supplier in China and the primary camera lens and module supplier to most handset makers in China: Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia, etc. (ok, Nokia is no longer relevant in … Continue reading Sunny Optical Technology


Japan Foods Holdings

Love Japanese Food?  Ramen, sushi, sashimi, udon, yakitori, tempura, teriyaki, okonomiyaki, unagi? This post gives us a treat to Japan Foods. Japan Foods Holding (JFH) operates more than 40 Japanese restaurants in Singapore. It has 10 franchise brands from Japan, 3 self-developed brands (Japanese food) and 1 franchise brand from Malaysian (non-Japanese food).  It sub-franchises … Continue reading Japan Foods Holdings