Belle FY17 Q2 operational data

FY17 Q2: For Footwear business, the number of outlets dropped by 271 storesĀ from the previous quarter, and the same store sales growth (SSSG) fell by 10% yoy. While this is negative, it's an improvement from SSSG of -16% in FY17 Q1 and -16.5% in FY16 Q4. For sportswear and Apparel business, the number of outlets … Continue reading Belle FY17 Q2 operational data



Three well-known pawnbrokers are listed in Singapore. Coincidentally (or maybe not so coincidentally), they were are listed in 2012 - 2013. How are their performances since IPO? Maxi-Cash Financial Services saw a decline of 14.7% since its IPO in 2012. Valuemax Group experienced a fall of 55% since its IPO in 2013. MoneyMax Financial Services … Continue reading Pawnbroking