Graco Part 4

Graco reported FY17 Q1 result yesterday, and its share price is up 8% today. YTD, it's up 30%! I sold it in early January at 85.65 (see this post) and I look stupid now, missing 25% rally in 3.5 months. Source: Google Finance Rally Going back to my earlier post, I sold it because I … Continue reading Graco Part 4


Irrational Market

It's irrational to think that irrational market cannot become more irrational. Irrationality cannot be measured and has no limit. Example 1 - Tesla This month, Tesla first surpassed Ford's market value. Shortly after, it surpassed GM's market value to become America's most valuable carmaker. Tesla has market value of slighly over 51bn now vs GM's … Continue reading Irrational Market