Syntel’s acquisition

French IT services firm, Atos, is buying Syntel at USD 41 per share, which amounts to USD 3.57 billion (including debt). In a typical acquisition, buyer pays 20-30% premium above the seller's recent share price. But in this case, the premium was just a tiny 4.8% above Syntel's closing share price of 39.13. That's rather … Continue reading Syntel’s acquisition


High Return Investment Product

12% guaranteed return A friend of mine started selling investment product a few years ago and has been doing very well. He ranked 2nd in terms of sales in the whole company last year. The company is a financial service firm based in Indonesia. My friend, let's call him Harry (not real name), approached all … Continue reading High Return Investment Product

Welling Holding Ltd

Welling Holding is among the largest companies that manufacture motors for air-conditioner, washing machines, and other home appliances. Its factories are located in China and its products are distributed to many different countries and region. Midea, the world's largest producer of major home applicances, owns nearly 69% of Welling. Hence, Welling's stocks are not very liquid. … Continue reading Welling Holding Ltd

Syntel Inc

Syntel (NASDAQ:SYNT), incorporated in 1980, is a global provider of digital transformation, information technology and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services. Syntel helps global enterprises evolve the core by leveraging automation, scaled agile and cloud platforms to build efficient application development and management, testing and infrastructure solutions. Syntel's digital services enable companies to engage customers, discover … Continue reading Syntel Inc