Graco Part 2

FY15 Q2 result In my first post on Graco, I mentioned that I bought the shares (at 66.98 per share) on 17th July 2015. One week after that, the Company released its FY15 Q2 result, which beat the market expectation, pulling the share price up to 70s. Since then, the Company continued to achieve decent … Continue reading Graco Part 2


Bumitama Part 3.1 (2016 Q3 result)

Bumitama released its 2016 Q3 result yesterday. As expected, both revenue and net profit grew because of higher CPO price. Revenue grew by 26.8% yoy to IDR 1.5 trillion while net profit attributable to shareholders grew by 29.2% yoy to IDR 206 billion. For first 9 months of 2016, net profit attributable to shareholders grew … Continue reading Bumitama Part 3.1 (2016 Q3 result)