TDM Berhad

TDM Berhad is listed in Bursa Malaysia and has two businesses: Palm Oil plantation - cultivate the trees, harvest, mill and sell crude palm oils. Healthcare - operate four specialist hospitals. In FY14-15, about 83-85% of the profit before tax came from plantation business. Source: TDM's Annual Report FY15 First Encounter I first heard of … Continue reading TDM Berhad


Belle – Sold Out

First Purchase Sold out my position in Belle at 4.81 yesterday. I bought it at 4.72 in late July 2016 (see this post). Return: capital gain of 1.9%, dividend of 4.3% (for HKD 0.205 per share), and forex HKD-SGD gain of ~3.5%. After adjusting for fees, the net return is 9% in 6 months. Second … Continue reading Belle – Sold Out

Haier Electronics (Trade Update)

Alibaba's Increased Investment in Haier Last week, on the First working day of 2017, Haier released an announcement on the exercise of Convertible and Exchangeable bond and call option. Basically, there is an increased investment from Alibaba in Haier's logistics subsidiary, Goodaymart Logistics, and they are strengthening their logistics collaboration. This is the upside in … Continue reading Haier Electronics (Trade Update)